Month: September 2021

Social media video as a platform

The Rise of Video in Social Media Marketing

TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts – what do they all have in common? It seems that short videos are the new norm with popular social media platforms rising to follow the success of TikTok. But how did it come to be? We take a look at the reasons why video is...

Enhanced Reporting with Google Analytics GA4

Google Analytics is the standard for web analytics globally, with over 30m installations, it is the staple tool for digital marketeers and website owners. 2019 saw Google give Google Analytics v3.0 (also known as Universal Analytics, or UA) a ground up overall with Google Analytics v4 (GA4). This change wasn’t...
Google Analytics

Top Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

You will probably be aware by now that regularly updating a blog on your website, with relevant, authoritative content, is one popular and successful way to boost your SEO performance and therefore get in front of your target audience. But how can you increase traffic to your blog? First of...

Why Your Business Needs a Tone of Voice

Building brand recognition and something that is unique to your business and its overall aims gives you a lot more control in terms of success and how customers perceive you. It’s an integral part of presenting how your business will be presented across social media, its website and the content...
Using good marketing to improve your tone of voice
page speed

Google Speed & SEO – Core Vital Update

In Dec 2018 Google released it’s Light House Update which was a move to review and improve the speed of all websites. It is rare that Google makes updates that force website agencies to implement chargeable updates on their clients websites. Although few and far between the changes are always...

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Your Online Sales

If you run an eCommerce business (a company that sells goods and/or services online), you may be wondering how you can market your business to increase your sales. It’s certainly important to consider various tactics that can attract new customers and encourage existing customers to return, otherwise your profits will...
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The Benefits of A/B Testing
In an increasingly difficult world as a business, with customers requiring more and more needs, knowing where you stand with customers is often a mindfield. With split testing of your content, pay-per-click ads, landing pages and other advertising forms, you’re able to test how customers perceive your content and which...
Top Tips for Creating Powerful Social Video
There is no escaping the latest TikTok dances and viral sounds of social media. The rise of social video has firmly glued our eyes to our phones. In 2020 it was reported that the average person spent a whopping 100 minutes of their day consuming video content and it comes...
5 Things to Consider When Building Your Backlink Profile
Building quality backlinks to your website is a huge ranking indicator for Google, so if you want your website to perform well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), building up your backlink profile is certainly something you should focus on as part of your SEO strategy. What is a...