Month: April 2014

6 Steps to Functional Design

Design is subjective, whether you plaster walls, give business advice, or coiffer Pomeranians here are a few essentials that every SME should consider when designing their website. 1. Know your target audience If it looks like a duck…  Potential customers have an expectation of how your website will look like...

What Can I Do with a Mobile Friendly Site?

Responsive design isn’t just a fad – it’s now a basic expectation from mobile and web users. Almost every home is now a multi-screen household, with numerous devices used by the whole family, throughout the buying cycle. Why is Mobile So Important? Mobile usage is set to eclipse desktop. In...

SEO for Schools: Build Your Online Presence

SEO is increasingly important for schools, particularly independent schools that rely on brand awareness and recognition to fill places. Being at the top of Google’s results for your search term means that you gain far more traffic. It also provides an opportunity to engage with your audience on their terms...

How to Get Business Reviews Without Breaking the Rules

Good reviews have huge benefits for local businesses. The improve your traffic and conversions while boosting your reputation (which improves traffic and conversions again). You can even increase the number of business listings on the first page of Google since your review profiles will be featured as well as your...
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3 SEO Myths You Should Not Believe
There are a lot of falsehoods being told about SEO which can cause those in the digital world to waste their time, resources and money on activities that will either do nothing to improve SEO or have a detrimental effect. Obviously, this is not good, so I am here to...
3 FREE Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
An effective digital marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to the success of any small business. Here are three digital marketing tactics that are not only really easy to do yourself, but they are all completely free!
New Fees for Google Advertisers in UK, Austria and Turkey
A new Digital Services Tax (DST) is being imposed in Europe as part of the Government’s attempt to get big tech giants to pay more to the exchequer. However, Google have decided to pass this tax onto advertisers in the UK, Austria and Turkey, from the 1st of November 20202....