Month: January 2015


3 Ways to Generate Traffic After a Manual Penalty

What is a Manual Penalty? A Manual Penalty is when Google removes your site from search results (or pushes it way to the bottom) due to unnatural links. They wreak havoc with businesses, who see a sudden and significant drop in traffic as almost all of their organic visits disappear...

Innermedia: 6 Charities We Love To Mention

Here are six charities that Innermedia is especially fond of.  We’ve enjoyed contributing to these causes and have had a number of rewards, including team-building, unique life experiences, and a connection to communities throughout the world. 1.  Bridge of Hope Innermedia built a website for Bridge of Hope, a charity that...

29 Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing

29 Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing  Content is arguably the most important part of your site – it’s why people come to your page, and if you don’t deliver what they expect they’ll just leave and find it elsewhere. Even if you rely on PPC and other lead generation...
blank When Online Marketing is Too Successful

Just 24 hours after launch, is up for grabs. The viral sensation gained 1 million visits, 270k social shares, and five figures in sales after being shared on social networks such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Online news sources were quick to pick up the story, which further fuelled the...

How to Use Pinterest as a Small Business

Pinterest is one of social media’s latest success stories. In 2013 it was already delivering more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined, and it just keeps on growing. Now, a third of users follow a brand and 52% of daily users look on Pinterest for guidance while...

Local SEO is a Popularity Contest

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your local SEO and a good placement on Google Maps (and the maps within search results) is a major one. Some businesses are having trouble getting their listing to come up in local searches, even though the profile is properly optimised...

20 Common Digital Marketing Problems (and Solutions)

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to reach a huge audience with much lower set up and maintenance costs than ‘traditional’ media. That said, there are still a lot of challenges to overcome, and businesses often have the same issues when it comes to increasing engagement and conversions online. That’s...
common digital marketing problems

New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses

January is a great time to make lifestyle changes and set goals for the next 12 months, but why limit yourself to making personal changes? When it comes to digital marketing, most businesses can make a few resolutions to improve their presence, increase their conversions, and get more customers in...
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3 SEO Myths You Should Not Believe
There are a lot of falsehoods being told about SEO which can cause those in the digital world to waste their time, resources and money on activities that will either do nothing to improve SEO or have a detrimental effect. Obviously, this is not good, so I am here to...
3 FREE Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
An effective digital marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to the success of any small business. Here are three digital marketing tactics that are not only really easy to do yourself, but they are all completely free!
New Fees for Google Advertisers in UK, Austria and Turkey
A new Digital Services Tax (DST) is being imposed in Europe as part of the Government’s attempt to get big tech giants to pay more to the exchequer. However, Google have decided to pass this tax onto advertisers in the UK, Austria and Turkey, from the 1st of November 20202....