Month: March 2014

How to Stop Facebook Videos from Autoplaying

If you’re tired of Facebook videos playing automatically on your facebook feed, there are some easy ways to stop it using the settings on your phone or your browser. Unfortunately, there’s currently nothing in the Facebook settings to manage the account independently On your iPhone Autoplaying videos can eat up...

Facebook Insights – What Does It All Mean?

Digital Marketing is filled with obscure terms and jargon (CTR, SEO, conversions, web architecture…*) and Facebook’s Insights are no different. Insights offer useful information about your page, who is using it, and how well people are engaging and interacting with your content. While you can look at how many people...

Beyond Updates: What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Regardless of your personal interests or age, it’s likely that you’ve read a blog. 8 out of 10 people read blogs and, as a result, they expect businesses to have them. Blogging is huge; 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared every day on the internet and are read by 329,000,000...
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3 SEO Myths You Should Not Believe
There are a lot of falsehoods being told about SEO which can cause those in the digital world to waste their time, resources and money on activities that will either do nothing to improve SEO or have a detrimental effect. Obviously, this is not good, so I am here to...
3 FREE Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
An effective digital marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to the success of any small business. Here are three digital marketing tactics that are not only really easy to do yourself, but they are all completely free!
New Fees for Google Advertisers in UK, Austria and Turkey
A new Digital Services Tax (DST) is being imposed in Europe as part of the Government’s attempt to get big tech giants to pay more to the exchequer. However, Google have decided to pass this tax onto advertisers in the UK, Austria and Turkey, from the 1st of November 20202....