How to Optimise Your Business for Christmas

Christmas preparation for your business
8th December 2021

If you’re ready for Christmas, then you’ll know the stress involved in getting all the presents ready, planning your day accordingly, picking out the right food and making sure it’s all ready in time for the big day.

For businesses it’s a whole other level of anxiety – planning for potential customers, releasing exclusive offers and more to entice people to make a purchase.

Use social media to your advantage

Probably one of the biggest key areas for both shoppers and business owners is using social media. Image-heavy and video reliant areas like Instagram and Tik Tok are going to be huge for customers and businesses, as you’re able to visualise the content, your products and what you provide.

Consider Page Speed

With Google having priority over speedier websites, it’s in your best interest to optimise your website to keep the load times within 1 – 3 seconds. The longer it takes to head onto your site, the less likely a user is going to retain their interest on your site.

The easiest way to retain site speed is by optimising your images and compressing the HTML or other forms of code across your site. A web developer in your team can help you with understanding where your site can cut down on large images and code.

Produce content specifically for mobile

If anything, we’re browsing more and more on our mobiles and it is prioritised by Google (and has been for some time). It’s almost essential that your site works on mobile and can be easily navigated; websites these days tend to have two different versions of websites – one for desktop and one for mobile – to better optimise both parts of their site. Retain content that’ll help you maintain your customer base on the website.

Using featured snippets

It’s been brought up in the past at how important featured snippets can be for websites. It’s a great way of having specific areas of content highlighted by search engines – like dates of events, recipes on cooking blogs and addresses. FAQ pages are thought to be hugely valuable when added as featured snippets, so Google is able to crawl and look for answers to specific questions.

Content is still king

We should always be prioritising high quality and informative content that will help customers with their understanding of your products and services. Long form content has been shown to be prioritised and is seen to be essential to a website’s growth, elapsing over 300 words minimum in length.

Christmas is a busy time for all of us, but if you prioritise your content, target the right people with the right outlets, and more, then you can be prepared for the influx of customers you hope to bring in.


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