Top Tips for Creating Powerful Social Video

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Sophie Marston
11th October 2021

There is no escaping the latest TikTok dances and viral sounds of social media. The rise of social video has firmly glued our eyes to our phones. In 2020 it was reported that the average person spent a whopping 100 minutes of their day consuming video content and it comes with no signs of slowing down. So how do we all cash in and action the buzz words we throw around in the boardroom? Here are our tips for creating video content that engages and generates action.

  1. Make It Shareable.

Let it work for you. When planning your video content think about its format and the subject. Does it lend itself to sharing? The more engaging the content, the greater the chance of it being shared. This will help to boost your reach and increase your following.

  1. Standalone Content

The easiest way to limit your engagement on social media is to alienate new visitors discovering your page. Create standalone content that can be understood independently so that new visitors can engage with them without having to visit your older posts. This will help you to make full use of all the tools available from TikTok sounds to popular hashtags.

  1. Consistency Is the Key

Keeping to a set schedule and format will help your business to stay on brand and remain memorable. This can be tricky as new trends emerge but keeping your videos to a similar sort of structure and having a consistent on-screen personality will help to avoid fading into the noise.

Staying on the topic of consistency, avoid setting expectations too high. If you find a format that delivers results, ultimately you want to make more of it. This can be tricky if you don’t have the budget to do so.

  1. Make Your Videos Discoverable

You won’t become an internet sensation overnight unless your content is discoverable. To help put your video in front of the eyes searching for them, think about optimising for search. Think about social platforms as search engines. What would you type in the search box to find your content? On YouTube, there are a plethora of tools that you can use to do this. Start by creating video titles based on relevant and popular search queries. Then create a keyword optimised description. For this, you can use tools such as Ahrefs to find popular YouTube keywords that you might want to target. Lastly, tag specific keywords that you would like to broaden your reach to.

We hope that you found our tips for creating engaging social videos helpful. While you’re here if you’re looking for help with your social media marketing, why not check out our services?


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