The SEO Benefits of Blogging

27th July 2022

“Ensure you’re writing content the way you’d explain it to someone over the phone” – Carolyn Lyden, Lead Seo, Search Hermit.

Content creation of any form has become a new path for broadcasting online. Anyone with access to the internet has the opportunity to create a space that will allow them to publish content of their choice to an audience as wide as the globe. Businesses have understood the change in online marketing and focus on social media platforms to bring in heavier amounts of traffic. However, blogging is one platform that many still struggle to include in their marketing plan and can end up becoming the first domain to gather dust. This is unfortunate given that blogging has many positive impacts on a company, with the addition of many SEO gains on top. Here are some fantastic SEO benefits of blogging.

Think of it like this, if you’re not blogging, you’ve instantly shut the door for a substantial number of visitors to your website. Developing a blog allows you to reach a wider range of search queries. For example, if someone was to search up SEO benefits of blogging, the search will generate results that bring you to posts like this one. Blogging will allow your website to rank well through search engines such as Google.

When it comes to improvement of ranks for keywords, writing blogposts focusing on the topic is the best way to go. One of the best advantage blogging has is attracting people who are searching for information. Backlinking also becomes easier to acquire. This can easily be done by writing a post on a popular topic and using anchor texts to link to another site that will be of help to the reader. Link outreach is often overlooked but will help build backlinks to improve organic ranking and attract a new audience.

An indirect benefit is more valuable content on your site. Every post is an opportunity to attract more visitors and offer fresh content that your audience will appreciate. You are able to answer questions from potential customers and have a direct conversation with them. This not only increases sales but increases user engagement statistics.

Think it’s about time to wipe off the dust and give the blogging another go? We do too as the SEO benefits are way to appealing to turn away.

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