Instagram Engagement – 7 Tips to Success

instagram engagement
Hayley Lewis
16th February 2021

If you are looking for ways to get your Instagram engagement levels up, here are our 7 tips to success…


  1. Create valuable content

Ask yourself… What do your followers need help with? What is it about your business they are most interested in? What is your expert advice? Now turn this into content!

  1. Create shareable content

Shareable content needs to be helpful, funny or relatable. Having your content shared will not only increase your engagement levels, but it will also improve your account’s reach.

  1. Create saveable content

Saves have become even more important than likes, so try to create content that others will want to bookmark. For example a ‘how to guide’  – Also remind your followers to ‘SAVE’ in your captions.

  1. Engage with others

This is key to your social media success and it is so obvious! Be social and you will see it returned. Like, share and comment on other’s posts daily to see the best results and be genuine with your communication.

  1. Use location tags

Location tagging is a very effective Instagram tool. Location tagged posts see 79% more engagement, according to research done by Sprout Social. Don’t forget to add location tags to your stories as well. This will instantly improve your visibility.

  1. Don’t over post

Posting too often can damage your engagement rates. Instagram users are likely to get disinterested if you spam their feed and this will result in a drop in engagement and a loss of followers.

  1. Use the right Hashtags

Last, but by no means least is hashtag use. Hashtags are still crucial to your Instagram success because they not only help your content to be discovered, but they also help to increase engagement.

Instead of using the most popular Instagram hashtags on your grid posts, it’s better to use hashtags that are smaller and more relevant to your image or industry. However, for your Instagram stories you can go BIG!  – Remember: you can only use up to 10 hashtags in stories.

The best way to find the right hashtags to use is by looking at what hashtags your competitors and industry influencers are already using and researching you top performing hashtags in your insights.

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