3 SEO Myths You Should Not Believe

Charlotte Coverley
24th September 2020

There are a lot of falsehoods being told about SEO which can cause those in the digital world to waste their time, resources and money on activities that will either do nothing to improve SEO or have a detrimental effect. Obviously, this is not good, so I am here to clear up some myths for you.

  1. SEO Can Be a One Off Activity

SEO is a slow burner and it can take around three to six months at least before results start to show. Once you get those results you can’t give up, because your keyword rankings and website traffic will start to drop again. Your competitors will overtake you and you’ll be back to square one in no time. With that said, SEO is absolutely not a “one off”, it’s an ongoing process that you cannot neglect or pause unless you are fully aware of the negative consequences of doing so.

  1. More Pages on Your Website = Better Rankings

There are lots of factors that make a website SEO friendly and while it is definitely better to split up content so that each section of information has it’s own page, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a website with 20 pages will rank higher than a website with 10 pages. It’s more important to ensure that the content is well-written, relevant, includes the appropriate keywords and is a minimum of 300 words. We would also recommend that the content includes internal links to help the user navigate around the site.

  1. Link Building Isn’t as Important as Other SEO Tactics

At Innermedia, our most popular SEO-related service is link building and we have seen some tremendous increases in rankings. This is because it is actually a crucial element of SEO. When it comes to backlinks, it’s important to remember the phrase “quality over quantity”, as lots of poor-quality links won’t be worth your time. There are a few ways to attract high quality backlinks, including creating fantastic content that people can’t resist linking to and carrying out considerate blogger outreach.

So, SEO is clearly alive and kicking; it’s complicated but, when done correctly, can really help you become profitable online and continue growing year after year. If you would like some support with your SEO, do not hesitate to contact us on 01707 875 721 or email our Digital Marketing Manager

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