How to Make the Most of Your Email Marketing List

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9th December 2022
Email marketing is so simple, yet effective with £35.41 ROI for every £1 spent. It allows you to communicate directly with those who have an interest in your niche and business in particular. When you think about it, how many times have you stumbled upon something that you like online but have forgotten all about it or missed out on a sale because you’ve not gone and checked? Email marketing helps customers stay in the loop and can help to build long-lasting relationships. This is key as it is 5 times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to simply retain.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Sometimes they need a little nudge. It may be that a visitor really likes what you have to offer, and they need a discount to sweeten the deal. Between finding your product or service, they may have even forgotten all about what they were looking for in the first place and need a gentle reminder. According to the stats, 45% of abandoned cart emails are opened and 21% of those who click through go on to complete their purchase.



To build a relationship with your customers, you will really need to get to know them. A survey is a good place to start or if you have a fancy email automation tool, you can even create segments to target based on what they’ve ordered before and previous order history. A pet shop that sells food may choose to segment by pet and age. Even something as simple as addressing a customer by their name can go a long way and make them feel special.


Curated Content

It’s easy to put out emails. The trouble lies in putting your audience off with inundated emails that aren’t of any actual value. Segmentation will really help here but what you will need to do is put a plan together and look at how to keep your subscribers interested so that they don’t unsubscribe. Exclusive content like recipes, early access to offers and coupons are just a few examples of ways that you can add value.


Lapsed Customers

What you can also do is send follow up emails to lapsed customers that haven’t purchased from you in a while and send “we miss you” style emails to get them back on to your site.


Subject Lines and Previews

There’s your chance to reel them in. As you know, mailboxes can get cluttered so you will need to do some work to bypass the noise and catch a subscriber’s attention. Before hitting send on your campaigns, really get into the mind of your audience and what they’re interested in for an optimal open rate. Tools like Mailchimp are really friendly to use and help with this by displaying the content that will be visible and letting you make tweaks.

These are just a few ways that you can generate results through email marketing. If this is an area that you would like assistance with, we would be more than happy to help!

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