5 Tips for Planning Social Media Content

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12th April 2021

Posting consistent, high quality content is the key to audience growth. But how do you stay on top of your social media strategy?

Here are 5 tips for success…

  1. Look for inspiration

When you are putting together your content plan, one of the best things you can do is look at industry related content for inspiration. Search through relevant hashtags and look at your competitors accounts to see what kind of content is getting the best engagement. You can then use these ideas to create content of your own.

  1. Provide valuable content

It is important to provide value through your content to give users a reason to follow and engage. How do you do this…? It’s simple! Ask yourself these questions: “What do our audience need help with?”, “What are our customers FAQs?” and “What is it about our products / services they are interested in?” – Now take the answers to these questions and turn this into your content!

  1. Make a content calendar

Making a content calendar will not only give you a space to plan your posts, but it will also allow you to create your own content for global events and awareness days. For example, Random Acts of Kindness Day or Pancake Day. A great place to host your content calendar is in Google Docs or Google Calendars, so that you can invite other members of your team to add their own ideas.

  1. Use a scheduling tool

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of content and established how often you want to post, it’s time to start planning your content in a scheduling tool. These allow you to schedule your content in bulk so that you don’t have to log in and post on the spot daily. Scheduling tools can also help you better visualise your content plan, which is particularly helpful if you have a specific Instagram theme or layout.

  1. Look at your insights

We understand that keeping on top of lots of different social channels can be a struggle, so our advice is to audit your accounts to see which platform has the most active audience. You can then make this platform your top priority. Analytics can also help towards your content plan by showing you what posts received the most engagement. Be sure to create more of this type of content for future posts.

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