5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

blogging mistakes
14th July 2023

Content is vital for SEO. It can help sites grow their authority, leverage higher rankings and help both users and search engines in understanding what they are about. With that said, there are common mistakes we often see that stop them from having the same effect. To make sure that you’re not making any of them, here are 5 top blogging mistakes to avoid.


Forgetting to Add Internal Links

Internal links are your savior when it comes to SEO and on-page optimisation. As blogs have the potential to garner lots of traffic from those with an active interest in your niche, you want to ensure that it passes through your website and convert visitors where you can. From an SEO perspective, they pass on authority and help search engines understand what your other pages are about. Linking opportunities are therefore not to be missed! Just be cautious however that you’re not overdoing it as this can appear “spammy” and come across as a malicious linking tactic. A safe number of internal links to stick to per blog post is 3-4. 


No CTA’s 

That brings us to CTA’s. Although free, investing in content marketing isn’t cheap as it involves a team of writers and SEOs. Failing to include CTAs is one way that you can self-sabotage your efforts and lose visitors who may have otherwise made an inquiry or purchase. 


Centering Content Around Yourself

While you may want to show some personality in your blogs, and of course should share your expert opinions, it’s important to remember who you’re writing for and the search intent of those queries. Intent is huge for how well your pages rank, in fact is deemed more important than having super-lengthy posts. 


Structure and Formatting

Another thing not to forget is formatting. To continue on from the point above, think about who will be reading your posts and look at ways that you can keep them engaged. You could have the best, most informative posts but if they aren’t structured well (i.e. with headings and separate paragraphs), it’s likely that visitors won’t be able to find key pieces of information that they are looking for or will be put off reading.


Creating Metadata As An Afterthought

After creating a killer piece of content, metadata should not be an afterthought, or forgotten as it often is. The titles and descriptions you create are what will bring searchers to your post so it’s important that they are enticing, feature keywords and provide an accurate summary of a blog post. Fail to do so and you risk being scrolled right past. 

If you’re interested in tapping into the power of blogging for your business, our team of expert writers can take care of your content marketing needs. Get in touch to make an inquiry or learn more.

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