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Queens College

> Bespoke Website
> Virtual Experience
> Interactive Map
> Video Creation
> Virtual Tour
> PPC Campaign
> SEO Campaign
> GA4 (Google Analytics)
> Aftercare & Support

desktop version
ipad version
iphone version
Prep School Somerset 31 14
Sixth Form Somerset 33 5
Pre-prep school Taunton 4 2
Senior School Taunton 6 4
Sixth Form Taunton 6 5
Boarding School Taunton 4 3
Nursery Taunton 13 12
Prep School Taunton 4 3
Private School Taunton 2 2

The table on the left compares the keyword rankings for Queen College’s website one month before their new site went live with three months after.

Overall, the positions improved by 51.46%.

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