Manor House School

Manor House School has been voted one of the 10 most beautiful schools in Great Britain by the Daily Telegraph – unfortunately their previous site didn’t do their incredible buildings justice and did not work well as an online marketing tool.

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Manor House School

Manor House School was not well represented by the old website; there were numerous 404 errors (which meant that visitors would end up in digital dead ends throughout the site), a lot of the content was duplicated so the website did not rank well and did not serve visitors’ needs, and the speed was just 37/100 on Google’s Speed Checker. The website also was not responsive, which drew complaints from existing parents and certainly had an impact on whether prospective parents continued looking through the site.

Client Testimonial

Great project management and easy to work with

We have recently undertaken a website transfer project to a full responsive site with Innermedia. They clearly laid out the project milestones, were super efficient, guided us through the entire project, stuck to deadlines, nothing was too much trouble and came in on time and to budget. I would definitely recommend them. They were helpful in explaining issues in layman’s terms when the technical detail is too complicated.

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Our Results

Since their new website launched, we have seen the following improvements:

48.79%more traffic
20.62%more Organic traffic
166.67%more conversions
700%more prospectus requests
190.40%more traffic to the Admissions page

Ranking improvements include:

“Girls School Leatherhead” moving from#18 to #1
“Girls School Surrey” moving from#25 to #4
“Independent School Leatherhead” moving from#21 to #4
“Private School Leatherhead” moving from#21 to #7

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