SEO for Schools

SEO is increasingly important for schools – especially independent schools that rely on local rankings, referrals, and brand awareness to fill places. If your school is at the top of the search results for your area and school type, your site will gain considerably more traffic. You have the opportunity to engage with prospective parents on their terms, rather than relying on costly print advertising.

Improving Your School’s Website

A lot of school websites aren’t built with SEO in mind – even if your design works well and parents like the format, you could be losing rankings because your CMS doesn’t allow you to add the right data to your site. Many websites also don’t have enough content to rank, or simply don’t have the information that the school would like to rank for.

We review your school’s website to find out where it is falling short and build a proposal around that information. In some instances, there are only a few small changes to make before moving onto ongoing SEO work. In others, we may suggest that you transfer your site to our CMS to allow us to make more extensive changes. This doesn’t always have to affect the design, so you can keep the visuals if they still work well for you.

Social Media for Schools

Social media and SEO are increasingly linked, especially since Google created G+. We have a number of social packages designed especially for schools to help you establish your presence, build your social brand, and maintain your profiles.

If you already have a social presence, we review your engagement and work across all of these sites to build a strategy for your ongoing work.

Your School’s Content Strategy

The fantastic thing about marketing schools is that there are always plenty of things going on – sports competitions, open days, creative classes, and after school clubs provide plenty of content that you can use on your social media accounts or news pages. We can create strategies for you, or teach you how to make the most of your in-house resources so that you can start communicating your school’s value across your site and social accounts.

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