The Blue Coat School

It was a real pleasure to work with The Blue Coat School in Birmingham. The first phase was to develop the new website and give them full control over the CMS. We then looked at the iSAMS integration to ensure that all digital applications were seamlessly integrated into the schools MIS (Management Information System). We’re really pleased with the final product.

desktop version
ipad version
iphone version


Innermedia were great – we really enjoyed working with them to create our new website. The process was easy and seamless and overall very well managed coming in on time and on budget. Would recommend these to any one.

Our Results

Prep School Birmingham #3  to #1
Independent School Birmingham #4 to #1
Private School Birmingham #4 to #2

Overall Keyword Improvements

 Keyword Performance Increase 236.4%
Number of Positions Climbed 15

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