Brampton College

Brampton College has consistently won awards for London’s top sixth form college, but the old rankings and website didn’t reflect those standards.
They wanted to make their site responsive, move to a more user-friendly CMS, and relaunch for the college’s 25th anniversary this year.

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School Website Transfer

Brampton College has consistently won awards for London’s top sixth form college, and they now have a stunning website to reflect those standards. It’s responsive, has an SEO-friendly menu and a user-friendly CMS.

Many of Brampton’s website visitors come through social media, meaning we had to ensure the site was mobile friendly. Keeping a website updated with fresh content is essential for good SEO and to provide prospective students and parents with an idea of what life is like at the college. This is why we carry out monthly blogging for Brampton to help them keep their news section fresh.

As well as blogging, we take care of Brampton’s PPC campaign and build their backlink profile to help improve their organic Google rankings, ensuring they have a steady influx of website visitors. When looking for backlinks, we search for websites with high domain authorities, to direct high quality traffic.


Innermedia have just helped relaunch our sixth form college’s updated website. We wanted to modernise the design (without overhauling) and optimise functionality, usability and SEO. The process was very slick and we had a fantastic project manager, Brogan, who was very efficient with a great can-do attitude. The new website has been very warmly received and we’d highly recommend Innermedia!

You can see more reviews on TrustPilot

Our Results

“Best london sixth form college” moving from  #23 to #2
“sixth form scholarship london” moving from #24 to #4
“college scholarship London” moving from  #98 to #11

When comparing July 1019 to the year before, the website has seen a:

14.94% increase in sessions
32.74% increase in organic traffic
39.85% increase in direct traffic

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