Bespoke Productions

Bespoke Productions are a London-based event production and AV hire company. Despite 20 years’ experience, they didn’t have an online presence and wanted a site to attract more work as well as offering a portfolio for potential clients to see their work.

They already had a lot of fantastic images from events across London and the UK, so we needed to create a simple canvas to showcase them as well as a simple way to see exactly what they can offer.

desktop version
ipad version
iphone version

Business Website Design

As a busy small business, they didn’t have time to do the copywriting for the entire site, so Innermedia’s writers worked with their team to write copy that would help them rank and communicate their brand personality across all their digital platforms.

Their website immediately shows their USPs and what they stand for, along with striking images from their events and a run-down of the AV equipment available to hire. Despite being a brand-new site and having no ongoing SEO work, they still rank on the first page for competitive terms such as ‘set hire London’ thanks to the site architecture, on-site SEO, and copywriting.


Innermedia designed our site and wrote the text for it too – it was a pleasure working with their team and seeing our site take shape. The finished website definitely has the wow factor we were looking for, and doesn’t look like yet another events company website – something we were actively trying to avoid. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to another business.

You can see more reviews on TrustPilot

Our Results

We’re always pleased to see year-on-year improvements for our clients. Comparing this year to last, Bespoke Productions have still seen some huge improvements thanks to the design, on-site SEO, and functionality of their site. Improvements include:

99%more traffic
124%more visitors
112%more organic traffic
88%more page views
584%more visits to their audiovisual hire page
815%more traffic to their corporate events page
403%more traffic to their personal events page
323%more conversions
112%increase in the conversion rate

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